Real Pay Important Notice | June 2018

Important Notice | June 2018

Dear Valued Client

We refer to the email issued on 26 June 2018 by the PSSF regarding DebiCheck.  The mail was issued by the PSSF on request of PASA to create user awareness regarding the new DebiCheck (Authenticated Collections) payments stream.

Real Pay acknowledges the content of the mail, the process depicted, and the information contained in the infographics. Note that as our client we have informed you of Authenticated Collections / DebiCheck and therefore you would not necessarily have been informed directly by a bank.  In order to avoid any confusion when completing the required steps, select “other” when prompted to select a bank.

The content of the three documents included namely “DebiCheck Decoded, DebiCheck Infographic and Debicheck Training Outline” is aligned with the information communicated during our individual and group sessions and can be regarded as supplementary to what was discussed.

Real Pay remains aligned with both our sponsoring banks and aim to keep on breaking ground with the DebiCheck project.



Please contact or your relationship manager, should you have any queries.

Real Pay Team


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