Namibia l Festive Wishes | 2016


Namibia l Festive Wishes | 2016

Dear Real Pay User

Globally 2016 was characterised by significant change and even the unexpected becoming a reality.  It has been a year in which market differentiation, fresh thoughts, pioneering leadership and innovation were core elements in achieving success.  During a time of market and industry uncertainty created amongst others by country ratings, economic performance levels and regulatory and legislative reform Real Pay maintained its focus and remained true to its Vision and Mission:
To offer the most advanced collections and disbursement solution by applying unique, innovative and competitive technologies and exceptional service.

During the past year Real Pay’s Users and Merchants shared in the benefits brought about by Real Pay’s Specialised Debit Order Solutions enabled by expanded product bundles.  Core to the collections product bundle remains Standard Debit Orders, CMA Debits and Early Debit Orders.  In particular are we excited about the addition of EFT Credits (Pay Outs) now available in Namibia and AEDO as face-to-face collection solution available in South Africa.

Real Pay takes pride in its regional presence in Southern Africa, achieving its Vision and Mission and most importantly adding value to the businesses of our Users.

A word from our Managing Director

The changing landscape of the payments industry became ever more evident during 2016.  Not only are global trends of bank and non-bank participation in the payments industry observed regionally and locally but more importantly are non-bank participants set to receive legal standing.

Real Pay is excited to be part of this evolutionary journey and to contribute to shaping the future of the payments industry It is important to note that that the reform on the regulatory front calls both for participation and input.  It also brings with it responsibility in respect of conduct in the market and ensuring that rules and requirements are met.

Real Pay has been an industry partner to many of the business associations and will continue to alongside these associations work towards achieving optimal achievement of the business requirements in payments.  It also acknowledges the many benefits of compliant participation in payments to ensure long term sustainability. 

The dynamic nature of the payments industry results in more products and services creating greater choice to Users.  Real Pay takes pride in the innovative products and services announced in the past year and its relevance confirmed by solid take-up of these offers by its Users.

Warm wishes for the Festive Season

Real Pay, its professional staff and world class systems are optimally positioned to partner your payments strategies during 2017.

We thank our many loyal and committed Users and Merchants for your continued support. We value our integrations partners, industry associations and sponsoring banks all key elements in enabling a world class payments solution. 

We wish you a peaceful Festive Season and prosperous 2017.

The Real Pay Team
Specialised Debit Order Solutions

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