Namibia | Term 2 | June 2016


Namibia l Term 2 l June 2016

Dear Real Pay User

In the blink of an eye the first term of the financial year has sped by. The rushing river that is the payments industry is taking new turns and carving out new paths in the ever-changing economic landscape.

Staying well informed is vital to making financial progress; therefore, it is important to take note of the following information.

Namibia office

We are excited to introduce our new Namibian in-country representative, Darius de Waal. You are welcome to call Darius on 081 155 6015, or the Windhoek office on 061 256 919.

NAMFISA road show
Thank you to all the Users who attended the NAMFISA road show during March. We appreciate your presence and loyal support.

Product updates

Enhanced debit order
At payments industry level, and aligned with the Bank of Namibia Determination on the Efficiency within the NPS, industry remains focussed on the Enhanced EFT project. The PAN PSF remains close to the process, ensuring that the interests of its stakeholders are continuously considered through input from its representatives in the various project structures. The associated project plans are being refined to ensure that key dependencies and deliverables are met while also ensuring efficiency and risk mitigation. 

Normal debit order
Real Pay recently launched a normal debit order product in Namibia. This dated service is inter-banked, stable and Users are already experiencing the benefit of collecting from non-FNB account holders. For more information, contact Darius at

Real Pay social responsibility
At Real Pay, we believe in investing in our communities, and Dagbreek School in Windhoek is a cause we believe in. Real Pay continues to support the Dagbreek bicycle initiative, where we sponsor learners with top-grade cycling equipment to assist them in becoming winners.

We are proud to be associated with organisations like Dagbreek, which actively contribute to the betterment of our future generations.

All Users are reminded to comply with BOB and NBFIRA requirements by always ensuring there is a signed mandate for authorising a debit.

The Compliance Department will conduct a mandate check on a quarterly basis to assist Merchants and Users with mandates and maintain good standing.

Invoice date reminder
Please take note that monthly invoices are sent out, in arrears, on the 1st day of every month and payment is due on the very next day (2nd day of the month). The Finance Department would appreciate you planning accordingly, as you are able to view updates daily under Management Reports.

Click on Management Reports > Client Billing > Client Billing Branch > Select year and month > Summary.

We look forward to introducing Darius to our clients in the coming months and promoting the new product lines. Please contact Darius with any questions about current or future streams.


The Real Pay Team


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