Namibia | Term 3 | Sep 2016


Namibia | Term 3 | Sep 2016

Dear Real Pay User

Just like Wayde van Niekerk in the recent Rio Olympics, the year is flashing by and we can hardly believe spring is here. The Real Pay team is grateful for the many successes, opportunities and learning experiences we shared with our Users and integrated partners over the past six months. In this newsletter we discuss products – brand new and existing – and services.
Real Pay Product Offering

In keeping with our culture of innovation and passion for development, we want to emphasise our full product offering and the application thereof.
Current Products

  • Real-Time Debit Orders

Real Pay offers Users a real-time debit order service on FNB bank accounts with selective tracking options. Real-time debit orders enable Users to collect funds early morning in real time, and also offer an option to change collection times manually. Users are able to submit collections transactions over a period of days with the advantage of their account holders not being charged any unpaid fees.

  • Debit Orders (NDO)

New to the Real Pay stable, are standard, in-country debit orders. This product gives Users the additional benefit of being able to collect funds from all Namibian banks, with our current reporting capabilities. Funds collected are paid into Users’ bank accounts at an agreed-upon interval. Users are able to select any date for collection.

  • Compliance Services

At the start of the 2016/17 financial year, Real Pay expanded our product offering to include compliance-related services. These priced value-added benefits are offered in order to assist Users to comply with industry regulations. Feedback on the requested mandates is provided via mandate criteria sheets that include suggestions to rectify the identified non-compliant areas for correction. 

Products in Development

  • Enhanced Debit Order System (EnDOS)

The Bank of Namibia announced the EnDOS payments stream that will allow for early morning debits from all major banks in Namibia. Real Pay is looking forward to the exciting opportunities the new stream will offer once it is implemented. The projected rollout is scheduled for July 2017.

  • EFT Credits (Payouts)

 Noticing the need for an electronic payout solution, Real Pay is in the process of introducing EFT credits (payouts) to our product bouquet in Namibia. This product will enable Users to pay out funds in real time to FNB bank accounts, and a next-day service will be provided to all other banks in Namibia. 
Real Pay Corporate Social Initiative

  • ‘Dagbreek Skool’ Sport Initiative

Continuing our support of Dagbreek Skool in Windhoek, Real Pay focused our efforts on developing sport in conjunction with the school. Last year, the school cyclists were the recipients of high-quality, Real Pay-branded bikes and gear.

This year, Real Pay sponsored eight sets of cycling kits to the brave cyclists who set off from Windhoek on 14 August 2016, making their way to Swakopmund as part of a project to create awareness for the school and raise much-needed funds.

During October, Windhoek hosts the Pick n Pay Cycle Classic, where Real Pay will be the Dagbreek team’s main sponsor. While we look forward to great performances from the team, we know that within their limited abilities, the cyclists are challenging themselves to improve their lives.


Contact your relationship manager or for information on our products or if you would like to contribute or get involved in the Dagbreek Skool initiative.
We wish all Real Pay Users the very best for the final stretch of 2016.

The Real Pay Team

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