Real Pay DebiCheck: Onboarding process, production pilot and contract update | October 2018

October 2018

Dear Valued Client

Real Pay DebiCheck: Onboarding process, production pilot and contract update

The DebiCheck initiative is gaining momentum at industry level and role players are gearing up to ensure that they are ready by 1 February 2019. Awareness of the new stream has already been created in the media and general communication is on the increase.

The process of onboarding Real Pay DebiCheck production pilot Users is progressing well. We remind Users to complete and return the DebiCheck onboarding documents to Once you have received notification that you are DebiCheck live, you can commence with submitting controlled live production pilot transactions against payers’ banks accounts, which will be managed between Real Pay and the User. We recommend that you start with the production pilot as soon as possible.

All Users should take note that our Terms and Conditions have been updated to incorporate the DebiCheck payment stream, “DebiCheck,” and its’ associated phases, “Production-Pilot”, “Ramp-Up” and “Migration”.
Follow the link to the Real Pay login portal and view the updated Terms and Conditions:

Real Pay continues to receive interest and queries regarding DebiCheck and we therefore reiterate our core offering:

  • All three DebiCheck mandatory transaction types have been developed and are available:
    • Transaction Type 1 – Real Time (Real-time and delayed),
    • Transaction Type 2 – Batch (Non-face-to-face), and
    • Transaction Type 3 – Card (Face-to-face);
  • With both sponsor banks, FNB and Absa, allowing access to all DebiCheck participating banks; and
  • Offering four alternative transaction initiation options (integration, interface, bulk file upload and mobile app).

Integration with all our integrated partners is on track and we will keep our Users updated throughout the process.

Kindly follow the useful link from PASA to the DebiCheck Toolkit that includes the following documents: DebiCheck Decoded (Participating Bank Channels and FAQ), DebiCheck Infographic, and the DebiCheck Training Outline. This powerful piece of technology allows you to enter a virtual DebiCheck world and download some of the latest information you’ll need in order to ensure a standardised roll-out approach: view the DebiCheck Toolkit here.

Finally, we are excited to take on the DebiCheck journey with our valued Users. We have an in-depth understanding and experience concerning projects of this magnitude. As a valued Real Pay User, you are in a sterling position in applying our frontrunner and groundbreaking technologies on this DebiCheck initiative!



Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: or +27 (0)12 347 0729.

The Real Pay Team



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