Real Pay Botswana | 24 April 2020

24 April  2020

Dear User,

Digital payments are becoming the ‘new normal’

Businesses across Africa, and the world, have been affected by the COVID-19 disaster. The effects of this pandemic will stay with us for years to come, which means businesses need to adapt rapidly to remain relevant and competitive.

Going forward, human interaction and face-to-face business will be restricted severely by social distancing. People fear getting infected, which means they might be reluctant to visit your business premises to make physical payments. Businesses will have to adopt an online or contactless payment strategy to eliminate the need for human interaction and continue doing business as normal.

Real Pay has the solution 

What this means, is that we’re going to see an even greater move to a digital payments approach. At Real Pay, we have differentiated ourselves by providing a digital, online, multi-channel collections (debit) and payout (credit) solution, enabling you to continuously render services while minimising the risks associated with face-to-face contact.

Our clients can utilise our fully electronic online portal to schedule recurring collections via various bank channels and products. Users with internet connectivity can have access to all their transactional activity from anywhere, anytime.

May promotion

Real Pay recognises the challenges that businesses are facing during this difficult time. As a result, we have decided to ease the financial burden by offering an exclusive promotion – we will therefore not charge new Users any activation or training fees for the month of May. Existing Users that are not utilising our online payout product yet, will pay a reduced fee as soon as their account is activated and used.

Please contact our Country Manager for Botswana, Khumo Lekang on (+267) 714 05002 or email find out more about this great opportunity.

We remain committed to providing an online digital solution that promotes the safety and health of all our clients and Users.

Kind regards,
The Real Pay Team

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