Real Pay DebiCheck LIVE Update | September 2018

September 2018

Dear Valued Client

We are excited to announce that Real Pay successfully completed the industry testing phase with both our sponsoring banks, FNB and Absa. We are live with DebiCheck. Having received the DebiCheck live announcement from the banking industry, we are intensifying the process of onboarding pilot Users. Our next step is to commence with the in-production DebiCheck pilot with our Users.

Our live test results, achieved during the testing phase, are aligned with industry and favourable to the extent that operationalisation of the technical solution can be confirmed. Although we are entering the production pilot, we acknowledge that time should be allowed for technical stabilisation at industry level.

Integrations with all our integrated partners is progressing well. We will keep Users updated throughout the process as we achieve certain milestones.

Regarding the User production pilot: If you have not yet completed your DebiCheck onboarding documents, we will contact you in order to obtain these details. Once you have received notification that you are DebiCheck ready and live, you can submit controlled production pilot transactions and move into the pilot environment as soon as possible.

Real Pay, from a development and product bouquet perspective, is in a highly advanced position and we reiterate that:

  • All three mandatory transaction types:
    • Transaction Type 1 – Real Time (Real-time and delayed),
    • Transaction Type 2 – Batch (Non-face-to-face), and
    • Transaction Type 3 – Card (Face-to-face) have been developed;
  • With both sponsor banks, FNB and Absa;
  • Offering four alternative transaction initiation options (integration, interface, bulk file upload and mobile app).
Users attending the Excalibur Debt Collection Convention are invited to visit us at our stand and experience our Fintech innovation.

Finally, we are extremely excited to take on the DebiCheck journey with you, our valued Users. We have an in-depth understanding and experience concerning projects of this magnitude. As a valued Real Pay User, you are in a sterling position in applying our frontrunner and ground-breaking technologies on this DebiCheck journey!


Should you have any further queries regarding the content of this newsflash, please contact your Key Account Manager or send an email to

The Real Pay Team



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