Real Pay DebiCheck Update | December 2018

December 2018

Dear Valued Client

Real Pay DebiCheck Update

With the year coming to an end we take a deep breath and reflect on the progress with the DebiCheck project during this challenging, yet exciting, year.

As mentioned in our November 2018 DebiCheck Update, the SARB issued an amended draft directive to various industry stakeholders for input.  An industry consultation session with the SARB took place where key aspects had been considered, in particular stability and functionality.  Real Pay, through its technical association CIBA as well as the EDO PSSF, participated in this process and provided input accordingly.  Although industry is focussed on achieving the end state of DebiCheck as the only early processing stream transition needs be achieved in such a way as to not distort the markets.

Our feedback is that the draft directive is progressing through the approval and finalisation processes at the SARB.  We anticipate that it will be announced January 2019 by government gazette.
We will keep our Users updated on feedback from the SARB.

Real Pay’s perspective:

  • Real Pay, via our technical associations, CIBA and the EDO PSSF, continues to participate in the project and provide input to the SARB where required;
  • Real Pay regards the proposed date extensions as an opportunity to achieve further improved stability in the interbank system and allowing for an orderly transition to DebiCheck while addressing functional and technical challenges relating to non-face-to-face authentication as well as Payer contactability.
  • Consumer education and training remain key to Payer adoption and will benefit from the proposed time frame. We remind our Users thatReal Pay went live with DebiCheck on 1 August 2018 with both our sponsoring banks, Absa and FNB, catering for all three mandatory transaction types:
    • Transaction Type 1 – Real Time (Real-time and delayed);
    • Transaction Type 2 – Batch (Non-face-to-face); and
    • Transaction Type 3 – Card (Face-to-face).

In addition, we offer four alternative transaction initiation options:

  • Systems integration;
  • Web-interface;
  • Bulk file upload; &
  • Mobile app.

Onboarding is progressing well, with Users increasingly participating in the controlled pilot phase. Technical discussions with our integrated partners are concluded on a weekly basis. We remind Users who have not yet completed the onboarding documentation, to contact Real Pay at to ensure that you are DebiCheck ready.

Regarding the User production pilot: 
A positive increase in success is achieved with our Users in the pilot production environment. DebiCheck system training with our Users that are already on board is progressing well enabling Users to load DebiCheck transactions and to familiarise themselves with the Real Pay interface.  Users not only benefit from the training and system use but this participation makes for learning that informs new internal processes implementation as well as the change of existing processes to align with the DebiCheck requirements.

All Users, please note:
Users may continue using the current mandate for NAEDO/AEDO voice/written mandate script for DebiCheck transactions.  We will communicate the minimum standards for a DebiCheck mandate as soon as Industry circulated the latest version of DebiCheck Clearing Rules.

AC rules amended and approved by AC Steerco:
Industry reviewed the current rules for AC and adopted changes that will be incorporated in the latest version of Clearing Rules. As previously mentioned, the new version of the rules will only be circulated in the first quarter of 2019.

The rules under review and amended are as follows;

  • Business Day Rule processing;

Where the Action Date falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday, Payment Instructions will be processed the next Business Day following a Sunday or Public Holiday for 6-day processing Participants
The amendment to this rule allows for the transaction now to be process 2(two) days prior to a non-processing day. 

  • Amount adjustment;

The amount that is collected cannot be equal and/or less than the instalment amount as per mandate.
The amendment to this rule allows that an amount equal and/or less than the instalment amount can be collected.

Kindly follow the useful link from PASA to the DebiCheck Toolkit that includes the following documents: DebiCheck Decoded (Participating Bank Channels and FAQ), DebiCheck Infographic, and the DebiCheck Training Outline. This powerful piece of technology allows you to enter a virtual DebiCheck world and download some of the latest information you’ll need in order to ensure a standardised roll-out approach: view the DebiCheck Toolkit here.

To learn how the DebiCheck system works follow the link an informative video:

Should you have any further queries regarding the content of this newsflash, please contact your Key Account Manager or send an email to

Real Pay Team


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