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July 2020

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DebiCheck transition approach confirmed
Registered Mandate Service

As highlighted in our previous DebiCheck update, the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) have agreed on a pragmatic transitional approach for DebiCheck ahead of the critical compliance date of 1 May 2020. After this date, no new NAEDOs will be processed.

The good news is that during December 2019 the payments regulator has approved the Registered Mandate Service (RMS) as an interim and separate service. This will ensure business continuity and liquidity after 1 May 2020.  Detailed elements of the service is being clarified and finalised at regulatory level.

During transition industry will focus its efforts on enhancements and stability of the system, implementation of RMS as better alternative to Naedo and which is aligned with the future vision of a modernised debit payments landscape.

What is a registered mandate?

A registered mandate is a mandate that was initiated in DebiCheck, but received a “no response” message after the authorisation timeframes expired. This as a result of the account holder’s failure to act. Outright mandate rejections will not be eligible for the RMS.

It is important highlight that the SARB granted approval on the basis that the User of the DebiCheck stream must have attempted to authenticate the mandate through the DebiCheck interfaces but failed to receive the paying customers response.

What are the characteristics of a registered mandate?

  • When presented for payment collection, a registered mandate will be processed in the early window but receive lower priority second to mandates successfully authorised in DebiCheck, migrated NAEDO and AEDO transactions.
  • In the absence of a successful authorisation, a registered mandate will remain disputable and reversible by the account holder, similar to NAEDO.

How can I use the RMS to my benefit? 

Introduction of the RMS will mitigate business continuity and liquidity risk for Users. To use the RMS as a transition mechanism to DebiCheck after 1 May 2020 and continue payment collection in the early window Users need to ensure that:

  • You are onboarded to DebiCheck, with your accounts linked;
  • You have successfully initiated DebiCheck mandates; and
  • You have processed DebiCheck collections.

We remind our Users that we have successfully migrated mandates into DebiCheck with both our sponsoring banks.

If you need any information regarding RMS or the DebiCheck project, please contact Luan Cloete, our Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Pay. You can reach him directly on (+27) 83 657 9136 or via email at

Real Pay DebiCheck Seminars

Real Pay is hosting exclusive DebiCheck seminars this month, where we’ll be answering your questions, and offering a clear roadmap to facilitate your business planning through the DebiCheck transition.

  • Cape Town: Wednesday 11 March 2020
  • Durban: Thursday, 12 March 2020
  • Gauteng: Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Contact us on +27 (0)12 347 0729 or via e-mail at to reserve your seat.
We have limited seats available, so be sure to confirm attendance to avoid disappointment.

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