Real Pay Namibia | April 2020

April  2020

Dear User,

Digital Becoming the “New Normal” 

Following our communication regarding Real Pay’s proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we confirm that Real Pay remains fully operational in the remote work environment to provide crucial support during the time of lockdown.

Our 24-hour support desk and related services remain available as normal. Support is provided on a daily basis including general transaction inquiries, batch file upload assistance and general system support.

As a digital company, we believe that digital technology will enable business to continue during this abnormal time. Virtual meetings through digital technology have already become a daily way of operating for us. This “new normal” is the order of the day with many customer and industry meetings concluded digitally.

We encourage our valued Users to contact our support desk and/or their key account manager and meet via electronic means, i.e., SkypeZoom and teleconferencing. In this way, we can all work together and ensure that optimal levels of business continue.

We recognise the critical role that our operations play in terms of your business and we are committed to the safety of our people, customers and our country.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us as usual at or +27 (0)83 230 3847 for 24-hour support.

Compliance and Debit Order Abuse

For a NamPay Debits (EnDO) payment instruction to be eligible for processing, the User must ensure that a valid mandate is obtained prior to the submission of the payment instruction and the mandate must comply with the minimum requirements as per EnDO Clearing Rules (document available on Real Pay Collect).

If one of the minimum criteria is omitted, the banks will render the mandate as deficient and the funds will be reversed.

In particular, we would also like to highlight that payment instructions are not eligible for collection where the amount is an aggregate of multiple payment instructions to recover arrear amounts or if the mandated amount is changed outside the context of the mandate. A separate mandate must be obtained to recover arrear amounts.

Real Pay would like to remind our Users that our in-country team is fully operational and ready to provide clarity on any queries. Please email you need any clarity.

Do not hesitate to contact Luan Cloete, our Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Pay, on +27 (0)83 657 9136 if you have any concerns. For any additional queries, contact your key account manager or send an email to

Kind regards,
The Real Pay Team

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