Real Pay Namibia | May 2019 Newsletter

Namibia | May 2019

Dear Valued Client

NamPay/EnDO – Namibia’s new Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system officially launched by industry

Real Pay has been keeping our Users updated with the anticipated EnDO development and we are therefore very excited about NamPay, the brand-new EnDO solution now officially launched by The Payments Association of Namibia (PAN).

The NamPay solution comprises three payments streams across Namibia that will transform all EFT processing solutions in the country:

  1. Enhanced debit orders (EnDO);
  2. Enhanced credit payment transfers (EnCr); and
  3. Near-real-time credit payment transfers (NRTC).

PAN Chief Operational Officer, Annette Rathenam, said during a recent media event that: “With PAN, in partnership with local banking institutions and payment service providers, the new payment solution will result in a major enhancement to the NPS for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) and impact all stakeholders directly or indirectly utilising this service.” 

We must highlight the following:

  • EnDO (Enhanced debit orders) is only one of the new payment streams within the NamPay project. This system will have the biggest positive impact on our current and new Users by collecting funds early morning from all banks in Namibia. It is an interbank solution.
  • Enhanced credit payment transfers (EnCr) and near-real-time credit payment transfers (NRTC) will be implemented at a later stage.
  • Real Pay is a PAN registered payment service provider and an active participant in NamPay/EnDO as communicated in our previous newsletters and at our individual and group sessions. This means we are in live testing with NamPay to all banks with pre-identified Users.
  • Switching over to NamPay/EnDO will be convenient for our Users, as the way you currently submit your transactions through Real Pay will just be extended in a similar way to all banks.
  • NamPay/EnDO will have a payments industry impact on Namibia as a whole. Real Pay Users will be guided properly and transitioned in a phased approached by our in-country team – from using the existing system to progressing to the new NamPay/EnDO system. Users will be migrated seamlessly during this period, while the current EFT system will continue to run in parallel, to avoid any adverse effects to businesses and individual consumers during the migration. We will communicate accordingly.

For more detailed information on NamPay (EnDO) and the positive effect it will have on your business, visit the NamPay website on: Alternatively, please contact your Real Pay Key Account Manager or send an email to

Real Pay Team


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