Real Pay Namibia – September 2019 EnDO Update

Namibia | September 2019

Dear Realpay USer

EnDO (NamPay): Controlled Live Update

Herewith an update regarding the progress of the “controlled live” phase of the transition to EnDO, and a friendly reminder of the industry Regulatory and Compliance Requirements that all EnDo Users should adhere to.

EnDO Controlled Live Testing

Real Pay and its Users are progressing well with the initiation, submission and collection of EnDO transactions in the “controlled live” environment.
We remind all Users that we still maintain a phased-in approach in order to align with industry requirements and to promote stability in the national payments system.

Good progress is achieved in the transition and issues in the value chain are being addressed on an inter-bank and industry level. Users are reminded to stay within their allotted transactional volumes as it remains key to monitoring and stabilisation.

EnDO Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

We remind Users that there are specified minimum requirements which need to be included in an EnDO debit mandate (authority to debit). These are similar to the existing requirements but are enhanced for EnDO.  Minimum requirements include:

  • Partial collections not allowed;
  • Full Name and surname (not only initials);
  • Identity number;
  • Contact details of client;
  • Amount to be debited (instalment amount);
  • Bank details of account holder;
  • Date of debit (action date);
  • Frequency (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly);
  • Signature of account holder; and
  • Tracking days (up to 14 days).

The minimum requirements govern the consequences (i.e. successful dispute and reversals of funds) of Users processing debit orders without valid authorities to debit and/or deficient mandates not containing the minimum criteria.

Note that a copy of the latest RMB/FNB NamPay Debits – Terms of Useis available on the Real Pay Collect website

We remind Users of the abbreviated short name (reference on bank statement) that will appear on the customers and the Users statement.  The abbreviated name assists in transaction identification and is  indicated by the prefix “RP” that will also identify Real Pay as Service Provider followed by the registered User/Business short name identifying Beneficiary User.

Lastly, note that when a dispute is actioned by the account holder, authorities to debit/mandates need to be submitted to the bank within 48hours in order to avoid valid collections to be reversed.  These will have to adhere to the requirements highlighted above.

Any related compliance enquiries can be directed to

Real Pay Team


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