Real Pay South Africa | April 2020

July 2020

Digital Becoming the “New Normal” 

Following our communication regarding Real Pay’s proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we confirm that Real Pay remains fully operational in the remote work environment to provide crucial support during the time of lockdown.

Our 24-hour support desk and related services remain available as normal. Support is provided on a daily basis including general transaction inquiries, batch file upload assistance and general system support.

As a digital company, we believe that digital technology will enable business to continue during this abnormal time. Virtual meetings through digital technology have already become a daily way of operating for us. This “new normal” is the order of the day with many customer and industry meetings concluded digitally.

We encourage our valued Users to contact our support desk and/or their key account manager and meet via electronic means, i.e., SkypeZoom and teleconferencing. In this way, we can all work together and ensure that optimal levels of business continue.

We recognise the critical role that our operations play in terms of your business and we are committed to the safety of our people, customers and our country.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us as usual at or +27 (0)83 230 3847 for 24-hour support.

DebiCheck: Draft Second Amendment to SARB Directive No. 1 of 2017

As communicated in our previous DebiCheck newsletter, the SARB issued a Draft Second Amendment to Directive No. 1 of 2017. We appreciate the SARB’s amendment and the opportunity for industry to comment, given the impact of COVID-19 as well as the maturation of the project. We are of the opinion that the extensions contemplated will avert the cliff presented by the 1 May 2020 requirements in NAEDO and AEDO extensions.

Real Pay contributed through CIBA to the EDO PSSF’s industry submission and comment on the Draft Directive. The industry comment was submitted to the SARB NPSD on Monday, 6 April 2020. We trust that the input will assist in finalising the Directive and support stability during this time of severe health risk and abnormal economic and business conditions. We await feedback from the SARB NPSD on the finalised Directive.

In the interim, Real Pay continues to support the AC project/DebiCheck and its implementation. Significant momentum has been generated by Real Pay and its Users and we would like to maintain this energy.

As usual, Real Pay will keep our Users informed of all developments. We are positive that the extension will allow industry and businesses to be even better prepared for a more refined DebiCheck stream.

Thank you to all Users who continue to onboard and initiate mandates and transactions in support of the vital maturation and stabilisation of the DebiCheck stream.

Compliance and Debit Order Abuse

We remind Users to maintain compliance with industry requirements and rules. For payment instructions to be eligible for processing, Users must ensure that a valid mandate is obtained prior to the submission of the payment instructions. This must comply with the communicated minimum requirements as per the Industry and Bank Clearing Rules (document available on Real Pay Collect).
Please contact for any rule clarification and/or compliance aspects.

Do not hesitate to contact Luan Cloete, our Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Pay, on +27 (0)83 657 9136 if you have any concerns. For any additional queries, contact your key account manager or send an email to

Kind regards,
The Real Pay Team

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