Real Pay DebiCheck Update | June 2019

June 2019

Dear Valued Client

The DebiCheck project is approaching the first important compliance date of 31 October 2019 as communicated in the amended SARB Directive. We remind our Users that after this date, AEDO and DebiCheck will receive priority processing over NAEDO.

As the project matures, the steady increase in interbank stability will have a direct positive effect on the outer core. This will empower service operators like Real Pay to onboard its Users to commence the live pilot phase of DebiCheck transactions in a “controlled live” and later in a “live” environment. The onboarding process is associated with weekly monitoring of incidents and reports submitted to the PSSF and PASA for industry to monitor and address any challenges at hand.

Real Pay has already communicated to this effect and in response onboarded a significant number of our Users. Many of these Users are already processing live DebiCheck transactions against payers’ bank accounts. These Users are also eligible for the migration of the current qualified NAEDO transactions once the migration development and testing phase has been completed and industry has given the migration go-ahead.

Note that after 31 October 2019, only onboarded Users who are “DebiCheck Live” will be eligible to benefit from their current NAEDO book being migrated and transactions processed along with DebiCheck and AEDO transactions prior to non-migrated NAEDO transactions.

We remind our Users of the “onboarding and ramp-up strategy” as follows:

A brief explanation of the different phases:

  • Phase 1: Onboarding – The User has completed all the required documentation and has been linked by the sponsoring bank and allocated an abbreviated shortname, rendering the User “DebiCheck ready”;
  • Phase 2: Controlled Pilot – The User, in conjunction with Real Pay, starts to load nominal value and volume of internal transactions to become familiar with system functionality;
  • Phase 3: Controlled Live – The User, in conjunction with Real Pay, steadily increases the volume of transactions and starts to introduce live payer transactions with weekly incident reporting and monitoring; and
  • Phase 4: Live – The User, in conjunction with Real Pay, increases and maintains the volume of live transactions to payers to ultimately have their whole book processed as DebiCheck in the early morning processing window – this phase allows for migration of the back-book.

Real Pay has developed all three transaction types with both our sponsoring banks, FNB and Absa, allowing for Real-Time, Batch and Card mandate initiation and transaction collections. We urge Users who are not onboarded yet, to do so as soon as possible to avoid anticipated industry bottlenecks prior to compliance dates.

We highlight that additional benefits include the learning process associated with the new DebiCheck payments stream and implementation of associated User business process changes required, as well as continued priority processing of the migrated book post 31 October 2019.

Real Pay remains actively involved in industry initiatives with the PSSF and PASA providing input to industry regarding additional authorisation methods. Through joint industry initiatives, additional authentication methods have been identified with work streams and processes underway. We will keep our Users updated on these developments.

We look forward to having all our Users onboarded and “DebiCheck Live” before 31 October 2019, to ensure that everyone reaps the benefits of both migration and DebiCheck.

Should you have any further queries regarding the content of this newsflash, please contact your Key Account Manager or send an email to

Real Pay Team


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