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? How does Real Pay work?

Real Pay facilitates payments and collections directly between a beneficiary User and an account holder. This is done via multiple in-country online payment products.

For more information on the various products available, please contact Real Pay directly.

The Real Pay system can be made available to any business that requires a simplified way to collect recurring or once-off instalments. Regulatory checks apply.

Once a business consultant has assisted you with all the required documentation, and the necessary vetting processes (country/regulatory dependent) have been completed, the activation process at Real Pay takes about 7 to 10 working days.

The various pricing structures and options for your business will be discussed once you have been in contact with a business consultant.

No on-site installation is required – Real Pay is a web-based system.

A unique reference code (“short name”) is created for each beneficiary User, which will reflect on the account holder’s bank statement.

Each beneficiary User is vetted against their industry’s unique regulatory requirements.

We are integrated with various administration systems, and we have a full set of REST API available to use for integration into our platform. We will gladly provide the necessary integration specifications for any additional integrations.

Security is the primary benefit of the DebiCheck system, by introducing both face-to-face and non-face-to-face authentication. The DebiCheck User receives confirmation of pre-authorised mandates being stored by the bank to reduce the risk of collection of an incorrect or fraudulent debit order.

We are not able to provide you with the balance, as we do not deduct the funds; however, for further assistance we can provide the contact number of the company debiting your account.

The company debiting your account will be able to assist you. We can provide you with their contact number.

We are not permitted to issue any paid-up letters; however, for further assistance we can provide the contact number of the company debiting your account.

We are the service provider, and the transaction went through our system; therefore, we can provide the details of the company debiting your account.

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