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Real Pay offers Users a secure online platform to collect funds via debit order. We are live and ready to pilot DebiCheck, while offering time-sensitive payments solutions through the Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) and Authentic Early Debit Order (AEDO) streams. Normal debit order services are offered to mature markets as an alternative collections method. Successful collections are increased by utilising our Real-Time Account Verification System (AVS-R).


(Authenticated Collections / DebiCheck)

Real Pay is Live and Ready to Pilot!

Real Pay is live with DebiCheck after successfully completing the industry testing phase with both our sponsoring banks, FNB and Absa. Having received the DebiCheck live announcement from the banking industry, we are intensifying the process of on-boarding pilot Users and commencing with the in-production DebiCheck pilot with our Users.

Our live test results, achieved during the testing phase, are aligned with industry and favourable to the extent that operationalisation of the technical solution can be confirmed.

From a development and product bouquet perspective, Real Pay is in a highly advanced position with the development of the following three mandatory transaction types with both sponsor banks, FNB and Absa, while offering four alternative transaction initiation options (integration, interface, bulk file upload and mobile app): 

  • Transaction Type 1 – Real Time (Real-time and delayed);
  • Transaction Type 2 – Batch (Non-face-to-face); and
  • Transaction Type 3 – Card (Face-to-face).

Real Pay is extremely excited to take on the DebiCheck journey with our valued Users. We have an in-depth understanding and vast experience concerning projects of this magnitude.

Get in touch with us at to ensure that your company is DebiCheck ready.

Background on DebiCheck:

The payments industry’s widespread DebiCheck initiative is an innovative new debit order verification process. This new type of debit allows the account holder to certify that debit orders are legitimate and correct. These debit orders must first be authenticated and accepted by the account holder before being processed.

The account holder can authorise the DebiCheck debit order via the following channels:

  • Cellphone Banking (USSD capability
  • Online Banking
  • In-branch Banking
  • Banking Apps
  • ATMs

The process of authenticating a DebiCheck debit order consists of 4 steps:

  1. Identification of the creditor/business by the collecting/sponsoring bank;
  2. Verification of the payer/debtor/account holder by his/her paying bank; and
  3. Validation of the payer/debtor/account holder’s account by his/her paying bank and if all is in order then:
  4. Authorisation of the mandate by the payer/debtor/account holder through authentication/confirmation channels.

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(Authenticated Early Debit Orders)

We provide a mobile AEDO platform enabling our Users to obtain a non-disputable card and pin mandated promise to pay either in their place of business or out in the field.


Normal Debit Orders / Dated Service

Funds from these dated service transactions are collected from all South African banks participating in this payments stream.


(Account Verification System – Real Time)

This system verifies account numbers, and reports on nine critical fields and accompanying information, enabling Users to optimise both collections and payments.


(Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders)

The Real Pay NAEDO collections system enables Users to collect funds from all banks through our sponsoring banks, Absa and FNB.


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