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Real Pay provides digital payments and collections solutions in Africa

Real Pay provides digital payments and collections solutions that help businesses increase their cashflow, be more efficient, and process their payments securely and easily. Founded in 2003, we pioneered time-sensitive payments in Africa. Today, companies across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Zambia and Uganda, ranging from small enterprises to multinational corporations, use our expertise, sector insight and technology capability to deliver safe and convenient solutions to their customers and stakeholders.

Our 24-hour in-country and cross-border support centre, country-specific solutions and local representation further bolster our value proposition. Of utmost importance is our reputation as a registered and regulated service provider, promoting efficient and safe payments systems


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Known as “Authenticated Collections”

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South Africa

EFT Debits

EFT Debit Orders / Dated Service

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South Africa Botswana Eswatini


Account Verification System – Real Time

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South Africa

Instant EFT

Users can initiate and accept instant account based payments online

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South Africa

Card Payment Solutions

Card payment solutions allows businesses to collect funds from any Visa or Master Card

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South Africa Botswana Zambia Uganda

Mobile Money

Collections via MTN Mobile Money in Eswatini

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Real-Time Debit Orders

Collect funds in Real-Time

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Lesotho Botswana Eswatini


Enhanced Debit Order

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Enhanced Credit Payments

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Real Pay Offer E-commerce integrations


Software as a Service

Our Mission


  • To optimise business cashflow through efficient and stable payments systems
  • To innovate through collaboration with our stakeholders in the payments ecosystem
  • To enable simplified and seamless integrations through open APIs
  • To provide world-class safe and secure platforms
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Our Vision


  • To lead the digital payments transition in Africa, enabled through tailored solutions, trusted expertise and specialised knowledge

Core Values

  • Learning – Through constant innovation
  • Integrity – Displayed in all initiatives we undertake
  • Value – Our people, communities and the environment
  • Excellence – In our customer service
What we do

Trusted by 1613

With a prominent market shift towards the digitisation of payments, Real Pay’s core focus around providing world-class technology leads the way to inclusivity for all. Recently, consumers have become more aware of alternative digital payments options compared to traditional cash payments. Therefore, we continue to drive innovation to ensure safe and secure options for both parties, allowing our Users to be at the forefront of providing alternative payments methods.

At the core of this value offering is a cost-effective, web-based solution. The user-friendly interface applies practical, yet innovative technology to deliver dynamic, real-time management reports.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • World-Class Technology
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