Real Pay’s Afro-optimism and understanding of the countries within which we operate contribute
significantly to our company’s success.


Real Pay is live with DebiCheck after successfully completing the industry testing phase with both our sponsoring banks, FNB and Absa. Having received the DebiCheck live announcement from the banking industry, we are intensifying the process of onboarding pilot Users and commencing with the in-production DebiCheck pilot with our Users.


(Authenticated Early Debit Orders)

We provide a mobile AEDO platform enabling our Users to obtain a non-disputable card and pin mandated promise to pay either in their place of business or out in the field.


Normal Debit Orders / Dated Service

Funds from these dated service transactions are collected from all South African banks participating in this payments stream.


(Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders)

The Real Pay NAEDO collections system enables Users to collect funds from all EDO-participating banks through our sponsoring banks, Absa and FNB.

CMA Debit Orders

(Common Monetary Area)

Funds are collected into a Real Pay account and settle into the User’s nominated bank account at an agreed-upon interval.


Visa Debit Card Solution

The Real Pay Visa Debit Card Solution enables Users to upload transactions for future-dated installment collections with all the major Visa- participating banks in Botswana.


(Account Verification System – Real Time)

This system verifies account numbers, and reports on nine critical fields and accompanying information, enabling Users to optimise both collections and payments.

EFT Credits (Payouts)

This product enables Users to disburse funds in real time to FNB bank accounts, and a next-day service is provided to all other banks in Namibia.

Real-Time Debit Orders

Real-time debit orders enable Users to collect funds early morning in real time, and also offer an option to intervene manually.



Enhanced Debit Order Stream

the EnDO payments stream allows for early-morning debits from all major banks in Namibia.


We strive to be Africa’s preferred and leading payments stream service provider distinguished by our people, approach and client partnerships.


To offer the most advanced collections and disbursement solution by applying unique, innovative and competitive technologies and providing exceptional service.


Learning – Through constant innovation
Integrity – Displayed in all initiatives we undertake
Value – Our people, communities and the environment
Excellence – In our customer service

What do we do?

Implementing country specific solutions

Implementing country-specific solutions benefits a variety of clients. Real Pay’s online collections system and Southern African footprint offer a distinctive edge for multinational organisations to expand in Africa. Central to this system is a cost-effective, web-based solution. The user-friendly interface applies practical, yet innovative technology to deliver dynamic, real-time management reports.

The Real Pay Africa debit order platform enables Users to collect funds from all banks through our
sponsoring banks, Absa (Barclays Africa Group) and FNB. Businesses can enhance their cash flow by increasing successful collection rates for active instalments and outstanding payments through our
specialised online debit order system.

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