Pieter Swanepoel

Managing Director


Pieter is the Managing Director of Real Pay. His career originated in South Africa’s banking sector during the mid-nineties where he filled senior and general management positions during his tenure at two of the leading banking groups. Currently, Pieter serves in various structures within the National Payments System (NPS) established under Central Bank directive to self-regulate payment systems. 

In South Africa, Pieter holds positions in structures established by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and PASA, including the Early Debit Order Payment Systems Stakeholder Forum (EDO PSSF) Steering Committee, EDO PSSF Technical Sub-committee (chairperson), TPPP Association, SARB NPSSB and the Authenticated Collections (AC) Work Group non-bank member. He is the chairperson of the Commercial Independent Bureaux Association (CIBA), an independent association for system operators and TPPPs.

In Namibia, he serves as non-bank member of the PAN Management Council, is chairperson of the PAN Payments Stakeholder Forum (PAN PSF) and member of the PAN PSF Work Group.

Pieter holds a BCom (Hons) Economics degree from the University of Pretoria and participated in various strategic management and business leadership initiatives as well as payments systems programmes.