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RealPay pioneered our payments systems in Botswana during 2006. Offering strong in-country representation and system support on all our products, we provide a complete payments solution. Based in Gaborone, RealPay maintains our position as the preferred payments systems service provider in Botswana. Businesses can enhance their cashflow by increasing successful collections rates for active installments and outstanding payments through our specialised online debit order system.

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RealPay Botswana offers standard, in-country debit orders. This product gives Users the additional benefit of being able to collect funds from all Botswana banks with our easy-to-use system and dynamic report structure. Debit order payment and collection have never been so simple. Funds are collected from and disbursed into Users’ nominated bank accounts at an agreed- upon interval. Users are able to select any date for debit order collection.


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The RealPay Visa Debit Card Solution enables Users to upload transactions for future-dated installment collections with all the major Visa-participating banks in Botswana. The real-time card product allows Users to collect funds early morning in real-time and also offers the option to intervene manually. RealPay has added many great features to this method of collection, making it one of the best Botswana payment methods.


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RealPay Botswana offers Users a Real-Time Debit Order service on FNB accounts with selective debit order tracking options. Real-Time Debit Orders enable Users to collect funds early morning in real time, and also offer an option to intervene manually. Users are able to submit debit collections transactions over a period of days with the advantage of their account holders not being charged any unpaid fees. Discover how RealPay can assist you with electronic debit orders.

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