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RealPay is a major stakeholder in the payments industry in Namibia. Our company has maintained an in-country presence since 2007, and we specialise in providing country-specific payments solutions while remaining tuned to local needs and developments. Based in Klein Windhoek, we maintain our position as the preferred payments systems service provider in Namibia. Businesses can enhance their cashflow by increasing successful collections rates for active instalments and outstanding payments through our specialised online debit order system.

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EnDO allows for early-morning debits from all major banks in Namibia. If paying customers do not have sufficient funds in their accounts at the time of collection, the debit order is resubmitted automatically and systematically for a specified tracking period. Successfully collected funds settle in the Creditor’s account within 24 hours.


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The User is able to submit beneficiary payment instructions that are accumulated and bulked before being transferred and cleared between the banks. Credit transfers have been enhanced to automatically process more seamlessly between the banks to improve settlement success as a result of refined data and customer validation procedures across the National Payments System.

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